Baku Strives War

  • by Western Armenia, April 04, 2024 in Politics

Baku is trying to find reasons  to start a new  

war in the region.

This begins with the message of the military department of Baku that "intense movement of the armed forces of Eastern Armenia is observed in different parts of the border" and in which it warns that "any attempt of military provocation will be suppressed by the army of Baku".

Although the Ministry of Defense of Eastern Armenia denied Baku's  claims however, this circumstance hardly eliminates the tension

It is no coincidence that the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Eastern Armenia in Belgium, permanent representative of Armenia in the EU,Tigran Balayan,wrote:

The Aliyev regime and its allies states intend  to attack Armenia."

Obviously, the aggressive attitude of Baku is due to the tripartite meeting on April 5.Does Baku really want to disrupt that meeting, or does it want to become an "indirect" participant in it, weakening the West's possible support for Armenia?

We are thinking about  the second hypothesis, especially since Baku's pressure has already forced Washington and Brussels to talk exclusively about the economic agenda of the meeting.

Even now, the same states can avoid from strong support for Armenia, with the motive of not provoking Baku.