Baku uses Artsakh culture houses, community centers and schools for military purposes

  • by Western Armenia, April 19, 2024 in Politics

After the end of the 44-day war in 2020, significant military and police forces of Baku were transferred and deployed in the occupied territories of Artsakh.

In the official videos that were broadcast on television, these forces were located in the former military units of the Artsakh Defense Army, but the observation of Azerbaijani social networks, especially after the full occupation of Artsakh in 2023, allows us to conclude that a part of occupied Artsakh was used as police, military bases and headquarters. the buildings of some schools and especially community centers located in a number of settlements and built and overhauled before 2020. The construction of new community centers in Artsakh was initiated more than eight years ago by the Armenia All-Armenian Fund.

After the military operations of September 2023, when the military equipment and munitions of the Defense Army were seized and handed over to Baku, some of them were placed in the courtyard of the former Khachatur Abovyan school in Shushi, which, judging by photos and videos, became one of the control points of the Azerbaijani army in occupied Shushi.

The building of the community center of Getavan village of Martakert region met a similar fate.

The school building of Chapar village of Martakert region. The buildings of community centers of Sarnaghbyur and Ukhtadzor villages have turned into such points.

In the case of such military points located in rural communities, it is difficult to say how long they have been operating and will continue to operate. Thus, in the village of Ukhtadzor in 2023, the building of the community center was already abandoned, the windows were broken, as can be seen from the video taken on the spot

It can be stated that the buildings of cultural and community centers, schools, even if they are not used for military purposes, they were subjected to vandalism, as evidenced by the many videos spread on the Internet.

The location of a military combat position near or near civilian infrastructures, including the use of cultural heritage, charitable structures, educational centers, schools and hospitals for military purposes (shelter, armory, residence of an armed group), according to international regulations for the protection of cultural values ​​and civilian objects during wartime, is inadmissible, because it can seriously damage the integrity of heritage, which is stipulated by Article 9 of the Hague Convention of 1954.