Baku wants mediators to accept its version of the settlement. Markedonov

  • by Western Armenia, November 18, 2023 in Politics

The refusal of the meeting of the foreign ministers of Eastern Armenia and Baku in Washington formed a certain trend, because Baku had already refused negotiations in Grenada and Brussels. This view was expressed by Russian political scientist Sergei Markedonov in an article written for the Bunin & Co TG channel. He believes that after the European trading platform, the American platform will also face certain problems.

According to the expert, all these refusals have a common reason. In October, Baku's leader complained about France's pro-Armenian stance. And in November, Baku representatives announced that the United States' approaches were unilateral, calling into question the mediating role of states.

"It all started when US Deputy Secretary of State James O'Brien announced at a recent congressional hearing that Washington had stopped providing military aid to Baku and canceled a number of important visits. State Department explained all these steps of the American government by the fact that there is no progress in the negotiations between Yerevan and Baku. Rephrasing the classic, there is nothing new on the diplomatic level" , noted the expert.

Sergei Markedonov recalled that the last meeting of foreign ministers of the two Caucasian states took place in the American capital at the end of June 2023. But this meeting took place before the September war in Artsakh and reflects the old realities, which have radically changed two months ago. According to him, Azerbaijan wants all mediators to adopt its version of the settlement as a basis. In fact, Baku is pushing this line in all directions.