British MPs called on the British Foreign Minister to condemn Azerbaijan’s atrocities in Artsakh

  • by Western Armenia, August 02, 2023 in Politics

Members of the British Parliament's Armenia Friendship Group have called on the country's Foreign Office to take a stand against Baku's atrocities in Artsakh.

The MPs have sent a letter to the UK Foreign Secretary, James Cleverly, calling for an end to the government's silence and denouncing Baku's atrocities against the Armenian population living in Artsakh. 

The MPs also issued a statement saying specifically: "The Foreign Office should now take a stand against Baku's atrocities in Artsakh. The Berdzor road linking Goris to Artsakh was illegally closed by Baku in December 2022, in direct violation of the ceasefire declaration signed in November. Since then, almost all vital supplies and movements have been cut off, deepening the humanitarian crisis and putting thousands of lives at risk. 

Many NGOs have expressed serious concern about the evolving humanitarian crisis and have called on governments around the world to pressure Azerbaijan to end the blockade.

 Amnesty International has accused Azerbaijan of failing to meet its human rights obligations. The EU, European Council President Charles Michel and many European countries have strongly condemned Baku's actions and called for an immediate lifting of the blockade. The UK-Republic of Armenia Friendship Group (...) calls on the UK Foreign Secretary to do likewise, and to make clear that Azerbaijan's actions will have consequences if it does not act now.