De-escalation at Our Borders and Within our Borders. Vahe Hovhannisyan

  • by Western Armenia, March 25, 2024 in Politics

All abnormal-dangerous scenarios are expecting  in Eastern Armenia.

A political scientist Vahe Hovhannisyan wrote about this on his Facebook page. In particular, he noted: "The preacher formulates the ideological base of future disasters.

On the other hand, it is unclear what is there (it will be clarified later), but there  are  confused people.

Our people, our families, our children live in this country. We have no right to become victims of another experiment.

In order to get our country out of the 99 percent minefield, we need competent content and effective work formats.

In my deep conviction, the right content is de-escalation. Eastern Armenia needs de-escalation at the borders and inside the borders. 

We have been living in a dangerous toxic environment for 5-6 years. This should become the unifying idea of ​​our society.

New formats are needed to serve this idea, so that it turns from an idea into an applied agenda.

We need a new quality of political thought, a new quality of public atmosphere, a new quality of government.

The best option, perhaps, is the model of the government of all talents (The ministry of all talents), which I wrote about the other day, which will enable all capable people, regardless of political and other differences, to engage in united work and mitigate internal enmity.

A very important role is played by active individuals, formed and new movements-patterns, as well as a group of figures of the older generation, for whom this is the motherland, and whose heart is bursting from this situation.

This will give us the strength to overcome obstacles, the biggest of which are public apathy and manipulation and, of course, various personal-mercantile interests.

We need to coldly calculate the positive resources we have that will allow us to organize resistance.

The interesting thing is that Eastern Armenia has already started to generate the same ideas as does Western Armenia from different sides.

Western Armenia has the legal format that can protect the interests of Armenia and Armenians on international platforms.