Diplomacy and the  Artsakh Issue – Politics

  • by Western Armenia, February 26, 2024 in Politics

Analyst Davit Karabekyan writes:

..An unpunished crime becomes a precedent for a new one. In the result of indifferent operation regarding the international recognition and condemnation of the genocide against Armenian 

 in 1988 February 25,28, in Sumgait, we unwittingly created fertile ground for Operation of  ..Ring.. in 1990 and the genocide of Armenians in Baku.

Unfortunately  we couldn't  overcome the veil of silence, and this led to Artsakh war and the blockade of Armenia, which we were able to stop and break through at the cost by  the huge efforts of the entire Armenian people.

Today, we are again playing diplomacy and keeping the Artsakh issue silent, while the political leadership has already "accepted" 144 square km loss from Armenian territory.

After the tragic events in Artsakh and the Armenian pogroms on the right and left banks of the Kur River, the conflicts in Transnistria took place, then the conflicts in Chechnya, the Georgian-South Ossetian and Georgian-Abkhazian conflicts, the conflicts in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, the escalation of tensions in Kyrgyzstan, the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia.

The Soviet Union and the socialist camp collapsed, and with them, collapsed the bipolar world and the two-block containment system...

About 60 million people were forcibly displaced in the territory of the former USSR.

It is difficult to judge whether Artsakh and the injustice towards it became the cause of the global explosion, rather, it became a detonator, or, in medical terms, a locus-minoris, which is a weak point through which all the diseases of the body were revealed.