Easter Armenia Will Open An Embassy in Cyprus

  • by Western Armenia, May 16, 2024 in Politics

Eastern Armenia will open an embassy in the Republic of Cyprus, the residence will be in Nicosia.

At the May 16 session of the government, the project was included in the package of non-reportable issues. In the rationale attached to the draft, it is stated that Eastern Armenia and the Republic of Cyprus perceive each other as traditionally friendly countries.

During the past decades, Armenia and Cyprus managed to develop strong interstate relations.

A high-level political dialogue is currently underway between the two countries, and there is a multi-sector bilateral agenda.

The continuous development of Armenian-Cypriot relations has been highlighted by mutual visits of high-ranking officials, the creation of a wide legal treaty field, and active political and economic dialogue between the two countries," states  the project.

It is stated in the justification that currently the embassies of the two countries operate jointly: the seat of the Armenian embassy in Cyprus is in Athens, and the Cypriot embassy in Armenia is in Moscow.

In 2024, on March 14,  the Cyprus  side informed in an official statement about the decision of the Council of Ministers of Cyprus on February 27, 2024 to open a diplomatic representation (embassy) of Cyprus in Armenia (seat: Yerevan), with the expectation of receiving the agreement of the Armenian government.

The Foreign Minister of Cyprus has officially announced this. within the framework of the official visit to Armenia on March 7.

The diplomatic presence in Cyprus will contribute to the further development of Armenia-Cyprus relations.

In the context of all this, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers the opening of the Armenian Embassy in Cyprus appropriate, which is in line with the foreign policy and interests of the Republic of Armenia," the rationale states.