“Armenia must be neutral in the Turkish-Kurdish issue”

  • by Éditeur, September 11, 2015 in International Politics
The Turkish-Kurdish relations remain extremely tense. The day before the office of opposition pro-Kurdish democratic party was attacked. The reason for protest is the explosion of a bus in Igdir, as a result of which 14 Turkish police officers died. The explosion was heard also in Armenia, “Taking into consideration the fact that many Armenians live in Western Armenia, I think Armenia must be neutral in order not to harm the interests of both Armenians and Armenia,” thinks analyst Mushegh Khudaverdyan. The conflict between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party won’t end with the early parliamentary elections on November 1, “All this, of course, is Erdogan-the West tension and until that tension isn’t shed, waiting for the abatement in the Turkish-Kurdish tension isn’t realistic.” To remind, the tension intensified in July, when the Turkish air force started firing at the positions of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and “Islamic State” terrorist group in Iraq. As a result the ceasefire between Kurds and Turkey has been violated.   http://en.a1plus.am/1218266.html