HPG: 15 members of Turkish forces killed in actions by guerrillas

  • by Éditeur, August 13, 2015 in International Politics

HPG Press Office reported in a written statement that actions by guerrillas in response to the ongoing attacks of Turkish military continued. HPG gave the following information regarding the guerrilla actions against Turkish forces in North Kurdistan;


Guerrillas closed the road between Hakkari and its Çukurca district at 07:00 on August 10. A sabotage action by guerrillas targeted a convoy of the Turkish military heading from Hakkari to Çukurca, which left two armored vehicles damaged, while the number of casualties couldn’t be verified. The convoy of the Turkish army remained on the road till 19:00 in the evening.

Cobra type helicopters of the army opened random fire around the action area at 09:10, 10:00, 15:00 and 19:00.

UAVs performed reconnaissance flights over the scene at 15:00 on August 10, and at 10:00 on August 11.

Artillery fires by the Turkish troops in the area started a fire in the village of Deravê Talê.

Guerrillas closed the road between Oremar and Geliyê Doski areas of Yüksekova district on August 10, and exploded the Şah Glord bridge in this area. The road remains under the control of guerrillas.

Guerrillas closed the road in Pirê Şinê area located between Hakkari and Çukurca at 08:00 on August 10, where they performed ID checks and informed the people about the current process. In the wake of the action, Sikorsky helicopters attempted to enter the area but were hindered by guerrillas who hit a helicopter.


A sabotage action by guerrillas targeted a special operation police team in an armored vehicle in Silopi district center in the morning of August 10. Six members of operation teams were killed in the action which was conducted in retaliation for the Silopi massacre.

YJA Star guerrillas closed the road between Şırnak and Guçexe between 15:00-18:00 on August 10, performed ID checks and informed the people about the process.

YJA Star guerrillas carried out an action in the area between Beytüşşebap district of Şırnak and Şemanê region at 06:45 on August 10. Two Sikorsky helicopters of the Turkish army were hit and damaged by guerrillas in the action which was conducted in memory of the guerrillas recently martyred.

Despite the Turkish media reports of one dead and two wounded, the number of Turkish army’s casualties is higher. The scene of the action was targeted by fires from two Cobra helicopters one hour after the action.

An action in memory of Martyr Harun and Martyr Yılmaz targeted the main entrance gate of the Zele Battalion in Şırnak at 00:00 on August 10, which left the gate completely destroyed and three soldiers here dead. A vehicle heading to the battalion was also hit and damaged.

Turkish troops shelled the scene and transported the casualties in helicopters after the action by guerrillas.


Ahead of an action against the police headquarter in Midyat district of Midyat at 21:30 on August 8, a clash erupted after the police noticed the preparations. A civilian car carrying four policemen inside was effectively hit as it moved from the scene in an attempt to hinder the guerrillas. Two police were killed and two others were wounded in the action after which casualties were removed from the scene in four ambulances.

At 10:20 on August 10, guerrillas targeted a convoy of vehicles working for the Ulusu dam in Kerboran district of Mardin, which left eight of them damaged.


Guerrillas closed the Siirt-Pervari and Van-Çatak roads from 11:00 to 15:00 and from 17:00 to 00:00 on August 10, performed ID checks and informed the people about the process. Burning down two private company cars working for the state, guerrillas warned and released the drivers, while also stopping two vehicles of village guards and giving them a warning.

A sabotage action by guerrillas targeted a base station in Pervari district at 07:00 on August 11.


Guerrillas targeted and destroyed a base station on the road of Merge Xalê area in Karayazı district of Erzurum at 22:00 on August 10.


Guerrillas carried out a sabotage action against a dam in Etkarê village of Amed’s Kulp district at 20:30 on August 10. Following an explosion here, the village guards watching the dam left the scene and Turkish troops supported by village guards started laying ambushes in the areas of Hasanzin, Mezra Rindik and Dokuz Viraj.

An assassination action by guerrillas left one soldier dead in Malabadi guard post in Farqin district of Amed at 10:30 on August 10.

The road of Farqin (Silvan) and Pasur (Kulp) remains under the control of guerrillas since August 10.

One soldier was severely wounded and an armored vehicle was damaged in a clash on the road between Amed and Fiskaya after guerrillas closed the road at 20:30 on August 9.

An expansive action by guerrillas targeted the police quarter, district governor’s office and gendarme tank battalion in Lice district at 13:25 on August 10.

In the action with Dushka arms targeting the gendarme tank battalion, one tank was left out of use and two soldiers in a guard box were killed.

While the police quarter was hit by two rockets, the number of casualties couldn’t be verified.


Another action by guerrillas targeted a mobile station of special operation police teams in Bitlis city center at 21:00 on August 10. Two members of police teams were reported wounded but the number of casualties is higher.


In another action in Dersim province at 17:45 on August 10, guerrillas targeted the Tülük guard post under construction, and effectively hit the eight soldiers outside the post. While the number of casualties couldn’t be made clear, Turkish troops shelled the surrouding areas after the action.

The road-closure action by guerrillas between Dersim and Hozat, which had been going on for four days, ended on August 10.

Source: Firat News Agency