• by Éditeur, March 24, 2016 in International Politics
ISIS militants conducted a wave of suicide attacks on the YPG and SDF centers in the Southern parts of Salouk town, Northern Raqqa. There is yet no confirmed information about casualties and damage. In a separate development, ISIS launched an offensive against Kurdish units located in the village of Jantrari near Ain Issa town. Three militants and two Kurds were killed during the clashes there. The Kurdish forces hold the area. 100-man strong group of al-Nusra militants arrived in Binnish. The militants reportedly told the citizens about their soon departure for Aleppo to conduct warfare against the pro-government troops. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units continued advance on the Deir Ezzor-Mayadeen road and seized part of it after a heavy firefight with ISIS near the Thayyem Oil Fields. The SAA is pushing in direction of Mohassan. The SAA and its allies are continuing operations to liberate Palmyra. Yesterday, the Syrian forces liberated Palmyra Triangle what allowed them to set the ground for direct offensive on Palmyra. Clashes between ISIS and the SAA are also ongoing at Jabal Al-Tar. Militants opened fire on Russian humanitarian aid convoys in Harasta in Damascus Countryside and Kafarnan in Homs countryside, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on Mar.22. Neither the members of the Center nor the Syrians who participated in the humanitarian activity were injured. The Iraqi popular forces, al-Hashed al-Shaabi, in Anbar Province reported dozens ISIS militants were killed during the clashes with 300-strong group of ISIS militants in al-Karma District East of Fallujah, 62 km West of Baghdad. The operations are ongoing in the area. Nineveh Province Operations Commander Brigadier General Najm al-Jabouri announced on Mar.22 that the Iraqi security forces and popular mobilization units are ready to launch the operation to liberate Mosul. According to reports, the Iraqi Air Force’s planes dropped thousands of leaflets on the city calling the residents to be prepared for the military operation against ISIS.