Western Armenia signs the Law of the Sea

  • by Éditeur, August 16, 2016 in National Politics
Throughout time Western Armenia is progressing dynamically, as it has established her positions based on a serious legal status, and she effectively utilizes the Law of the Indigenous peoples. For this reason, she has decided that on the 9th of August 2016 she would sign the Law of the Sea as well, in order to reactivate her sovereign rights. Western Armenia slowly activates all the available tools of the international law, because the victims of the genocide have not forgotten anything even if that's what barbarism aimed for. Following the provisions of the Sevres Treaty which is concerning her, as she had never signed the Treaty of Lausanne, she is showing everyone that she will never abandon the Black Sea, much to the dismay of the serviles. So simultaneously with the Kurdish struggle for liberation, Western Armenia gives her own struggle, not only through the process alone, but also the sea itself. The signing of the Montego Bay Convention, is a step toward the goal of the resistance to oblivion. Western Armenia continues her task both legally and institutionally. In this manner it's practically showing that she doesn't constitute a utopian entity It's within this context that she is preparing, after this historic movement, to establish her Exclusive Economic Zone. Consequently, she proves to all, that she hasn't forgotten her land, and the access to the sea is not just a vision, but a reality in process.