Erdogan and Netanyahu Use the Term Genocide to Blame Each Other

  • by Western Armenia, March 28, 2024 in Politics

The editor-in-chief of "California Courier" newspaper Harut Sassounyan writes in his new article that "Politics creates strange spouses.

Israel and Turkey have are one  of those odd political friends.

From the beginning, there was a certain basis in their partnership, which can be more correctly called mutual exploitation.

Israel, surrounded by a large number of enemies of  arabian  countries, needed Turkey as its political and economic ally and an Islamic state that had established diplomatic relations with Israel in 1949.

Meanwhile, Turkey needed Israel for a variety of reasons, including political support from the West, the acquisition of advanced weapons, and billions of dollars in trade.

Another aspect of this alliance was that both countries denied the genocide committed against the Armenians.

Turkey used its relationship with Israel to convince the powerful US Jewish lobby to block the recognition of the Genocide  against of Armenian  by the US Congress.

Turkey pressured Israel to block the International Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide in Tel Aviv in 1982.

and to prevent the broadcast of a documentary film about the genocide against the Armenians and the recognition of the genocide by the Knesset.

Turkey went so far as to threaten its domestic Jewish community and require the Chief Rabbi of Constantinople  to lobby American Jewish organizations on Turkey's behalf.

In 2009, during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in the presence of world leaders, Erdogan told Israeli President Shimon Peres: "I know very well how you killed children on the (Gaza) beaches."

After the latest attack by Hamas on Israel, Erdogan called Hamas "freedom warriors" and compared Netanyahu to today's Nazis, "Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin."

In January 2024, the Israeli Foreign Minister tweeted: "Turkey's President Erdogan, from a country with a history of genocide against Armenians, now boasts of groundless accusations against Israel.

We remember the Armenians. Your story speaks for itself. Israel is being protected from your barbaric allies,and  not being  destroyed.'

Earlier, Netanyahu, who himself does not recognize the genocide committed against Armenians, criticized Erdogan for denying the genocide.

Netanyahu wrote on his Twitter page: "Israel, which adheres to the laws of war, will not accept the moral preaching of Erdogan, who supports the murderers and rapists of the terrorist organization Hamas, denies the Holocaust carried out against Armenians massacres Kurds in their  own country, and eliminates regime opponents and journalists."

However, Netanyahu continues to arm Turkey's ally Baku  with advanced weapons that were used in Artsakh to carry out a new genocide against Armenians.

In conclusion, both Erdogan and Netanyahu should be ashamed for using the Genocide against Armenians  and Holocaust as a bargaining chip in their arguments.

Instead of using the term genocide to blame each other, both Israel and Turkey should have recognized the genocide committed against the Armenians a long time ago in order to be among the civilized states...