EU called to respect 1991 border in absence of demarcated border

  • by Western Armenia, April 14, 2023 in Politics

The European Union condemned the attack of the Azerbaijani armed forces on the servicemen of the Armenian armed forces in the village of Tegh of the Syunik region. The EU diplomatic service issued a message describing Azerbaijan's provocative attack as a clash.

"This incident highlights once again that in the absence of a demarcated border, the 1991 line must be respected, the forces on each side must be withdrawn from this line to safe distances to avoid the recurrence of incidents," said the EU Foreign Ministry and Head of Security Political Spokesperson Nabila Masrali.

"Previous commitments must be honored, including the commitments made in Prague in October 2022 regarding mutual recognition of territorial integrity under the 1991 Alma Ata Declaration. The EU also calls for the intensification of negotiations on border demarcation and stands ready to support this process," the text of the statement said.

The European Union again called for restraint and peaceful settlement of disputes.

The government of Western Armenia recalls that the Alma Ata declaration is not a legal act, it is a declaration of intent that does not bind Western Armenia. After the dismantling of the Republic of Armenia in 1920, this declaration does not take into account the Treaty of Sevres, the recognition's of Western Armenia and the consequences of the Armenian genocide, and its content can only be a provisional solution before the application of the International Peace Treaty signed in Sevres on August 10, 1920.