EU wish to Cooporate with Armenia including in the field of Security ,Maragos

  • by Western Armenia, December 05, 2023 in Politics

The EU delegation visited Eastern Armenia last week, the EU wants to expand cooperation with Eastern Armenia in all fields. Today, on December 5, the head of the EU delegation in Eastern Armenia, Ambassador Vasilis Maragos, mentioned this in a conversation with journalists.

"There have been very active discussions, the results of which will be presented to the EU member states and specific proposals will be made soon. We want to cooperate in all directions, including in the field of security, implementation of CEPA, investments, etc.

EU foreign policy officer Josep Borrell said that cooperation with Eastern Armenia in the field of security is interesting, that a technical mission will visit Eastern Armenia at the end of this year or the beginning of next year, he said.

 When asked what Eastern Armenia can expect from cooperation in the field of security, Maragos answered: "We all understand the interest of the society of Eastern Armenia in cooperation with the EU in the field of security. We are committed to the peace agenda, cooperation within the framework of the peace cause will be expanded, details will appear later