Europe Takes Forward the “Alma-Ata Declaration”

  • by Western Armenia, March 02, 2024 in Politics

"The operations  on the peace treaty between Yerevan and Baku can be completed this year."

This was announced by Toivo Klaar, the EU special representative for  the  Crisis Affairs in  the South Caucasus and in Georgia  at the diplomatic forum held in Antalya, noting  that the European Union is involved in the process of establishing stability and security in the South Caucasus.

“Heads of state must take responsibility and sign the agreement.

Having worked on this process for many years, I am sure that it may  be signed  this year.

In order to establish long-term peace, it is necessary to reach an agreement that will be perceived  righteous  by all parties.

Europe's history of the last hundred years shows the delicacy of peace imposed by the victor, as well as the significant advantages of reconciliation and overcoming hostilities," said the European diplomat.

According to him, in the context of Yerevan and Baku, it is necessary to rely on the already concluded agreements, including the demarcation of borders based on the lines of demarcation between the SSRs of Armenia and Azerbaijan at the time of signing the Alma-Ata Declaration in 1991.

"The agreement should include the opening of the border for the movement of people and goods, including through southern Yerevan, from the main part of Baku, Nakhichevan."

Klaar noted that the European Union gives great importance to the role of Turkey, which has a unique opportunity to contribute to peace by opening the borders and restoring transport links with Armenia.

In his opinion, the peaceful settlement will benefit not only the directly involved countries, but also the EU countries, ensuring the reliability of the transport corridor between Europe, Central Asia and China.

In this case, the EU will also be able to withdraw the civilian observation mission from Armenia, which was deployed to demonstrate the EU's involvement in the region," emphasized Klaar.

The European Union continues to actively promote the Russian agenda and Soviet treaties, including Stalin's decision on Artsakh.

The reasons are simple: only on the basis of the Alma-Ata declaration, the EU can talk about the integrity of Ukraine, including Crimea.

Extending this approach to all post-Soviet conflicts and ignoring its own principles and documents, the European Union is creating the basis for the fragmentation and eventual destruction of Armenia.

Except that Alma-Ata's artificial declaration does not take into account that genocide took place in Western Armenia between 1894 and 1923 and does not take into account the territorial integrity of the entire Republic of Armenia, without taking into account the agreements and recognitions that preceded it, which is a legal nonsense.