Former International Criminal Court prosecutor to prepare report on situation in Artsakh

  • by Western Armenia, August 01, 2023 in Politics

According to "Armenpress," the press officer of the President of the Republic of Artsakh, Lusine Avanesyan, stated this in a conversation with "Artsakhpress," noting that Moreno Ocampo had sent a letter of reply to the President of Artsakh, in which he specifically wrote: "It will be an honor for me to analyze the problem and present my conclusion to you. I will prepare a full report, analyzing the facts and the law. My assessment will be impartial and pro bono. To reach a conclusion on the execution of genocide, I must analyze the intentions of Azerbaijan's leaders based on the facts. To protect my accuracy and impartiality, I will write to the President of Azerbaijan, giving him the opportunity to clarify his position directly.

Given the urgency of the problem, including the risk of starvation for 120,000 Armenians, I plan to publish my report within 7 days. Please report any new circumstances that may affect the situation for analysis. The government of Western Armenia has repeatedly referred to the policy of occupation and genocide pursued by the Baku authorities, which is a direct parallel to Turkey's state policy. Within the ECHR, the case against Baku's tsarist and tyrannical policy by Armenag Aprahamian, President of Western Armenia, as the mandated representative of the Shushi people, has already been accepted.

We sincerely hope that the former prosecutor of the International Criminal Court will keep his promise and pro bono, i.e. for the public good, conduct a truly impartial and legal analysis, which will correspond to the correct assessment and evaluation of the crimes committed by Baku. Impunity breeds recidivism, as Mr. Moreno Ocampo is well aware. Turkey's impunity has led to the emergence of policies like the one in Baku.