France  Warns. Attacks against Armenia and Ukraine are the Same 

  • by Western Armenia, April 03, 2024 in Politics

France's Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Stéphane Sejourne, announced at a joint press conference with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in Paris about the threat to Armenia's territorial integrity by Baku.

French Ambassador Olivier Decotigny announced this on his official page, posting the full version of Stephane Sejournay's speech.

"We reaffirmed our commitment to the territorial integrity of Armenia,which is now being issued  by Baku, and let me say how worried we are about that, given that Baku's rhetoric is getting out of control," said Sejourne.

Stephan Sejourne expressed concern regarding the increase of false information coming from Baku, which tends to assign responsibility for the escalation to Armenia. Escalation, which today only Armenia wants to avoid.

"We see many similarities with what Russia applies to Ukraine," said the French foreign minister, calling for attention to this issue six months before the COP29 in Baku.

This is the first time when the similarity of attacks on Ukraine and Armenia is discussed at such a high diplomatic level.

The war against Armenia, the occupation of Artsakh and the desire of Baku and Moscow to force Armenia and the world community to recognize the "truths" that have emerged as a result of the illegal aggression against Armenia have not been disputed by the Western public.

Moreover, in 2023 in Istanbul. the EU-USA-Russia meeting held on September 17 is considered an agreement on the occupation of Artsakh by force.

At the same time, the West condemns Moscow's attempts to legitimize military gains in Ukraine.

The Armenian government is the main instrument of the policy of assimilating Ukraine and Baku, promoting the Alma-Ata declaration, according to which Crimea is Ukraine and Artsakh is not Armenia. In Ukraine, too, anti-Putin propagandists of Jewish origin do not see any similarity between what happened in Artsakh and Ukraine.

The statement of the new French Foreign Minister at the meeting with the US Secretary of State means that approaches can change. The fact that the French minister compares Armenia with Ukraine indicates that Paris considers Armenia a victim of illegal military aggression, the results of which cannot be considered "facts".

The National Council of Western Armenia reminds that the Alma-Ata Declaration is not a legal basis for protecting Armenia's rights, as Armenia was already recognized as independent in 1920 with internationally recognized borders.