French Press Condemns Baku Dictatorship

  • by Western Armenia, February 09, 2024 in Politics

On the occasion of the presidential "election" in Baku, which will most likely give President Aliyev an opportunity to rule for 7 years, the French press referred to

the violations of the rights of people in that country and the threats against Armenia․

In Figaro Magazine, Jean-Christophe Poissot paints a portrait of the "tyrant of Baku" who has ruled Baku since 2003 after succeeding his father Heydar.

Puiso condemns his "increasingly fiercer" anti-Armenian speech, which raises fears TO "new acts of genocide".

France Inter presents the international investigation coordinated by Forbidden Stories, which explains the dark activities of a gold mine operated by a company linked to the Aliyev family.

The report also condemns the torture of political prisoners and journalists critical of the regime.

France 24's Yerevan correspondent Talin Unchyan explains what will change for Armenia starting from February 1, with the membership of the International Criminal Court.

 The journalist emphasizes that Armenia thus hopes to "have additional protection against its Azerbaijani neighbor", which refuses to recognize the jurisdiction of that court.

In Le Point, Guillaume Perrier discusses Baku's strategy to "destabilize France," accusing Paris of colonialism and favoring Armenia.

Perrier reminds that Aliyev used this rhetoric before the, especially during the 2020 Artsakh war.

These articles show the vigilance of the French press, towards the situation in democracy-poor Baku. a country that seeks to expand its influence in the region to the detriment of Armenia and its allies.