Geopolitical Developments in Eastern Armenia and Artsakh: Discussion in the Belgian Senate

  • by Western Armenia, March 19, 2024 in Politics

"Geopolitical developments in the South Caucasus" will be held in the Belgian Senate on March 25. A round table discussion entitled "Armenia and Artsakh in focus", the aim of which is to analyze the geopolitical developments in the South Caucasus since September 2020, in this context the Artsakh conflict and the challenges facing Armenia.

The main speakers of the round table will be Els Van Hoof, chairman of the foreign relations committee of the Belgian federal parliament, Paul Merts, analyst of international negotiations, co-founder of the Clingendael Institute, writer, diplomat Olivier Weber.

The speakers will shed light on the developments in the region from the perspective of international human rights, analyze the reaction of the international community, particularly the role of the EU.

The participants of the discussion will also talk about future prospects, ways out of the current situation and the necessary clear steps that should be taken to protect the inalienable rights of Artsakh and Artsakh Armenians.