Has Russia recognized the genocide committed against Armenians?

  • by Western Armenia, March 06, 2024 in Politics

The need to conduct legal research related to the genocide against Armenians is one of the most serious challenges facing the Armenian reality.

For various reasons, for many years the issues related to the genocide against Armenians were considered mainly in the light of the analysis of historical facts, which did not allow to reveal and evaluate the interrelated nature and content of all the components of the genocide phenomenon and its consequences.

The 109th anniversary ceremony of commemorating the victims of the genocide against Armenians  is not just a number.

It is disrespect, arrogance, hatred of the descendants of murderers, abusers and corpses, as well as those states and people who work to ignore this terrible tragedy, or, what is worse, to resist and deny the facts that are written in blood on the tablets of history. :

Against this background, however, the views of Russian politicians and society have not changed significantly, leaving the topic of genocide to the Armenians themselves. And the efforts of the pro-Turkish forces, in terms of denying the Genocide against  Armenian, on the contrary, have been strengthened by what the public prefers to close their eyes to.

The main message. "We do not want to complicate international relations with azerbaijanis and turks living on the territory of Russia through the issue of genocide".

Today, we can state that, approaching the 109th anniversary of the commemoration of the victims, the pressure of the pro-turkish lobby on Russian officials and the public became stronger.

Advocates of such tolerance should often be reminded that we live in a legal environment where the exact wording of the Declarations of the State Duma of the Assembly of the Russian Federation of 1995 April 14, that qualify the events of 1895-1922 as a genocide against Armenians in Western Armenia.

It is worth reminding that after the revolution of 1917, when the struggle against the Antante, as well as the idea of ​​Sovietization of the Caucasus, led to the union of Soviet Russia and Kemal Turkey. The results of this union were undermined by the recognition of the Peace Treaty of Sevres, the result was the predatory Treaty of Alexandropol and the subsequent rapid Sovietization of Armenia.

This was the case when the Soviet government gave the new artificial entity statehood, giving it a foreign name - Azerbaijan, and giving the Armenian-populated Artsakh as a gift.

This was the case when the Soviet government gave the new artificial entity statehood, giving it a foreign name - Azerbaijan, and giving the Armenian-populated Artsakh as a gift.

What caused the Artsakh wars?

This was the case in 1988 in Sumgait and in 1990 in Baku, in 2020-2023 in Artsakh, when the Russian authorities allowed ethnic cleansing of Armenians.

This was the case in 1991, during the "Oghak" military operation in Artsakh, when the Soviet army openly supported Baku's ethnic cleansing of Armenian villages. And modern Russia does not always behave correctly towards their centuries-old friend, making statements through their representatives, or selling weapons to the opponents of Armenians.

To be continued...

Journalist of Western Armenia TV, Ashkhen Virabyan

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