“Having a Strong  Army is the Sovereign Right of any Country.” MFA

  • by Western Armenia, June 20, 2024 in Politics

“Having an army armed with combative and modern military equipment is the sovereign right of any country.”

This is how the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Eastern Armenia responded to Baku’s statements regarding the military-technical cooperation between Armenia and France.

The Ministry of Defense of Baku referred to the purchase and sale agreement of CAESAR self-propelled artillery installations between Eastern Armenia and France  accused Paris of “provocative activities in the South Caucasus”.

“Eastern Armenia and Baku agreed at the highest level that they recognize each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, in 1991,  based on the declaration of Alma-Ata,”said  the statement .

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also states that our country adheres to this principle and has no ambitions beyond its internationally recognized territory of 29,743 square kilometers.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminds once again that this approach has been proven in practice by the initiative to demarcate four villages in Tavush region and Ghazakh region.

Therefore, the ministry have  fears that Baku’s actions aim to launch a new aggression against Eastern Armenia after the COP29 summit to be held in Baku in November 2024.