How much money will USAID provide to the people of Artsakh?

  • by Western Armenia, April 19, 2024 in Politics

The United States Agency for International Development has published a bulletin on the assistance provided to Armenia. The bulletin states that in cooperation with the Congress, USAID will provide 33 million US dollars in support to the people of Armenia.

USAID will allocate 8.5 million USD to support Armenians displaced after the recent hostilities.

USAID will work with central and regional governments, as well as international non-governmental organizations, to reaffirm the effectiveness of democracy.

Thanks to this funding, psychological and social support will be provided, solutions to housing problems will be offered, and assistance will be provided to the Government of Armenia in effectively informing the public about these services, so that people entitled to assistance will know how they can use this support.

Over the next year, USAID will assist the Government of Eastern Armenia to improve public awareness of government assistance to displaced persons.