Hulusi Akar: “It is Important for  Armenia to Accept the Hand of Peace”

  • by Western Armenia, April 01, 2024 in Politics

Hulusi Akar, the chairman of the National Defense Committee of the Ankara Parliament, met with the delegation led by Mike Rogers, the chairman of the Armed Forces Committee of the US House of Representatives.During the meeting, Akar noted: "I hope that we will continue the exchange of views and visits for the benefit of our countries, NATO, regional structures, peace, stability and the solution of some problems between Turkey and the USA in the region. I hope that we will get positive results from the visit."

During the question-and-answer session with journalists after the meeting, Akar noted that at the meeting they also discussed everything that the Turkish side is doing in connection with the Baku-Yerevan issue and insisted that it is important for Armenia to accept the hand of peace extended to it.