In order to return Artsakh and Western Armenia, We Must keep our memory and Dream

  • by Western Armenia, February 14, 2024 in Politics

The publisher of "California Courier" newspaper Harut Sassounyan wrote in his article that there is a debate between those who want to return Artsakh and those who believe that Artsakh is lost forever and should be forgotten. 

In his article, Sassounyan shared his view on the return of Western Armenia and its overlap with the necessary actions for Artsakh.

"During my  lectures around the world  I have always  told   about the  Genocide committed against Armenians  and Western Armenia, a part among the 

audience immediately ask what is the point of pursuing such a hopeless issue, especially since our historical lands are occupied by the “powerful” turkish army. My answer was that it would be the worst thing ever if Armenian nation forget about Western Armenia.This is the most direct way to lose our Armenian territories forever.

Now, in addition to doing everything possible, Armenians must pass our demands on Artsakh and Western Atmenia to the next generation  in order to keep the dream alive.Otherwise, our future generation, will know nothing about our historical lands, and will have no idea that those territories  belong to us.

Even if one day the geostrategic situation changes and there will open an opportunity to return our lost  lands, our future generations will not show any interest in them.

You can read  Sasunyan's Forecasts on the website of Western Armenia TV.