It is Basically  Important that Baku and Yerevan Talk and Reach Agreements

  • by Western Armenia, December 15, 2023 in Politics

James O'Brien, US Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, in an interview with "Voice of America", also referred to the negotiation process between Eastern Armenia and Baku and the exchange of detainees held between the parties.

They issued a joint statement showing support for each other in many ways, including their international aspirations, for example, for Azerbaijan to host the next UN climate conference, and achieved

the right to do that.

We hope it will be beneficial for both countries, as well as for Armenia's international aspirations. This  this kind of support is an important step towards achieving  a normal bilateral relationship

We hope that very soon we will be witness to peace agreement of two parties.Both sides have expressed an interest on a peace achivement.

We, as well as our European Union partners and others, are ready to help. We would like to see the  end of all this soon, because the conclusion of peace will bring huge benefits," he said.

He added that  US has told the two countries that he is willing  to support the conclusion of a peace agreement between them.

"We have already hosted several rounds of peace talks between the two foreign ministers, and we would do it again if the parties decided that it would help them make peace. We are ready to help.

We encourage both sides to meet, and so far each of them told that  they are ready to work toward agreement of peace ," O'Brien said.

He was asked: "Until the end of this year..."

Oh, Brian answered: "There is not enough time left for this year, but we will do our best."

 31 captured servicemen of RA of the year of 2020-2023 and 1 serviceman captured in Nagorno-Karabakh in September are already  back 

 to Armenia.

On December 7, it was clear that the staff of Prime   Minister of RA  and the Administration of the President of Azerbaijan issued a joint statement, according to which Baku will release 32 servicemen, Yerevan will release  2 servicemen and the parties will take steps to build trust.

The statement states that the parties agree that there is a historic opportunity to achieve the long-awaited peace in the region.

The two states reaffirm  their intention to settle relations and reach a peace treaty based on the  respect for the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity