It is High Time to Apply Sanctions Against the Dictatorial Aliyev Regime. 

  • by Western Armenia, June 28, 2024 in Politics

A group of deputies from all factions of the European Parliament issued a joint statement: in response to the criticisms, negative reactions and threats from Baku and Russia regarding the Armenian-French military cooperation.

With the statement, they emphasized that having an army armed army  with combat-ready and modern military equipment is the sovereign right of any country. The MPs noted that “the accusations made by the Russian and Baku regimes against Eastern Armenia, that the latter is provoking a conflict in the South Caucasus, and proving  once again that there is a conspiracy between the two countries, which in September 2023 led to the death of more than 140,000 people in Artsakh and  ethnic cleansing of Armenians”.

“This cannot be accepted by the European Union in any way, and it is high time to impose sanctions on the dictatorial Aliyev regime for its destructive actions undermining regional peace and security and for violating human rights,” said the joint statement.