Moscow and Baku are Starting a New Operation

  • by Western Armenia, February 15, 2024 in Politics

Yerevan and Baku are starting a new operation. 

The guarantees from Yerevan have been implemented.

Igor Khovaev, the special representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry for the regulation of relations between Baku and Yerevan, and Jeyhun Bayramov, the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Baku, discussed the current situation in the South Caucasus region at the meeting held in Baku.

Let us remind you that Khovaev is the co-chairman of the OSCE Minsk Group, and his visit to Baku after the provocation of the Nerqin  Hand indicates that Moscow and Baku are starting a new operation in the south of Armenia.

The leader of Eastern Armenia has already given the green light for this operation. After the February 13 incident, he said the army had been instructed not to escalate, guaranteeing that there would be no resistance.

"Information preparation" held a press conference. Zakharova, who stated that "on February 12-13, on the border of Syunik region of Armenia and Zangelan region of Azerbaijan, a number of armed incidents took place near the settlement of Nerkin Hand. As a result, there are victims and injured."

Zakharova did not express her condolences to the families of the four dead Armenian soldiers and did not condemn Baku's actions.

He noted that "what happened once again confirms the need for the early return of Azerbaijan and Armenia to the implementation of the tripartite agreements at the highest level, which were signed in 2020-2022, and the demarcation of the Armenian-Azerbaijan border within the framework of the bilateral commission."

Zakharova did not notice that the Azerbaijan  troops who shot were in the occupied territory of Armenia. Russia generally believes that Armenia has no borders, therefore any action against Armenia is "legitimate". But, according to everything, Baku has borders, and Moscow will undoubtedly protect them.

Aliyev also contributed his "two cents" and demanded that Yerevan "bring its legislation to a normal state", otherwise "there will be no peace agreement".

"We have no claim to the territory of Armenia, but they should also give up their claims. Speaking with us in the language of baseless claims and blackmail will cost them dearly, and everyone can see that," he threatened.

Referring to the recent shelling of Armenian positions in Syunik, Aliyev called it "a retaliatory measure, which is another signal to Yerevan and its patrons."

By patrons, Aliyev means the West, first of all, France. The Minister of Defense of Armenia just met the Ambassador of France, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs is having meetings in Luxembourg.

One can only guess what is being said to the European partners in these meetings: "don't suddenly escalate."