Nakhichevan is not Azerbaijan

  • by Western Armenia, January 11, 2024 in Politics

Yesterday, the head of Baku announced that if Eastern Armenia does not agree to the crossing between Nakhichevan without inspection, the border with Armenia will not be opened elsewhere, as this is the condition of "peace".

Now it is appropriate to remember that, unlike Artsakh, the status of Nakhichevan's Armenian autonomy is the subject of an international agreement.

In general,  there is a deep and comprehensive taboo around the Russian-Turkish agreements in 1921 on the status of Nakhichevan, in the moment when Yerevan brought this issue to the negotiation agenda, Yerevan could oppose the fulfillment of the requirements of the Moscow/Kars Treaty of  Baku's demands for about half of the territory of Armenia, demand which have no legal basis.

It is no coincidence that the leader of the artificially created state spoke about 8 villages, not leaving the occupied territories on May 12, 2021 and September 13, 2022, even talks on the opening of the borders, "connection between Baku and Nakhichevan". All these questions lead to the problem to be.

 consciously ignoring. On the instructions of Moscow and Ankara, who established the borders of Armenia  in 1919   are considered  unviability.