On the issue of the Armenians of Western Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, May 13, 2023 in Politics

Abdul Hamid, referring to the policy of the Ottoman state towards the indigenous people, especially the Armenians, noted that the Armenian people had always been distinguished by their service and loyalty to Ottoman civilization. 

However, Russia, by provoking riots and uprisings among the Armenians, aimed to create problems for Turkey, as it did not want the Armenian people to achieve independence and have an independent state either. 

Referring to the massacres, Abdul Hamid tried to avoid responsibility for the massacres of Christians, especially Armenians, and considered the Russian government as the main culprit. He admitted that in order to put an end to the Armenian-Turkish struggle, he sent an army led by Zeki Pasha and suppressed the uprisings in Sassoon, arguing that the aim of the Armenians was to provoke riots among the Turkish population, which could lead to the intervention of the European powers. 

Blaming the Armenians, he did not avoid the assassination attempt against him in his memoirs, noting that no honest Armenian would have consciously planned the assassination of the sultan. Abdul Hamid's memoirs justify the suppression of the Armenian uprisings in 1894-1896, the massacre, in which over 300,000 Armenians were killed. 

Abdul Hamid devoted a separate section to Armenian-Young Turk cooperation, noting that the Young Turks, supporters of Westernization, established serious relations with the Armenians who wanted to divide the empire and create a state. Blaming the Young Turks for their cooperation with the Armenians, the problems of the country, the tragic situation and the defeat of the army, Abdul Hamid tried to ignore the fact that the problems faced by the state and all the subsequent crimes against the Armenian people began during his reign