On the State Recognition of Western Armenia in 1917-1920-1924 YY

  • by Western Armenia, May 04, 2024 in Politics

Every day, many interesting, important and turning events take place in different parts of the world, which change the course of history.New names are born that will leave their names in history, prominent figures die, new works appear, new discoveries are made, new history is written.

In Armenian reality, the years 1917, 1919 and 1920 are distinguished by several events. In 1917, on December 29, Western Armenia was first recognized as a state by Russia.

This period is evaluated in the historiography as a step aimed at "bringing the region to a normal state", that is, ensuring a balance between the Armenians and the Muslim population, as a continuation of the "Armenia without Armenians" policy of the tsarist authorities.

It is stated that for the Russian authorities, regardless of the regime change, it was preferable to have a small but calm and safe Armenia. And giving Armenians the opportunity to return to their homelands is considered the only way to save the Caucasian front. to transfer the burden of the frontline to the local population, because the Russian soldier was tired and did not want to fight anymore.

According  to this policy, Western Armenia gained statehood with the prospect to become a  place to unite all Armenians from all over the world.

However, the overthrow of the Provisional Government radically changed Russia's attitude towards both Western Armenia, the Caucasian Front and the Allies, as a result of which everything failed.

Already in 1919,  on May 15, after the formation of the government under the chairmanship of Poghos Nubar, on January 19, 1920, the Supreme Council of the Allied Powers actually recognized the existence of the State of Armenia in the territory of Western Armenia.

And we will tell about the year 1920 in our upcoming series of articles.