On the Subject of Accepting the Citizenship of Eastern Armenia of the  People of Artsakh.  Artak Beglaryan

  • by Western Armenia, March 15, 2024 in Politics

It is absurd and dangerous to claim that Armenians of  Artsakh do not want to accept the citizenship of Eastern Armenia in order not to serve in the armed forces of Armenia.

Artak Beglaryan, the former state minister of Artsakh, stated in his microblog that since October, thousands of Artsakh citizens wanted to enter the military service, but they were refused, forcing them to accept citizenship.

"I am sure that in case of need, regardless of legal status, the vast majority of Artsakh residents will take up arms and defend  Armenian Motherland.

In the coming years, the number of boys of the age of military service among Armenians of Artsakh  will not exceed the number of several thousand.

Therefore, the logic of Pashinyan's argument is incomprehensible, why the rest of the majority of the people do not want to accept citizenship if there are no boys  of military service age in their families.

In fact, in addition to the fears of a social nature, the vast majority have fear that by accepting the citizenship of Eastern Armenia, the prospect to return  to Artsakh may be closed.

Therefore,  if you want that the people of Artsakh  accept Armenian citizenship en masse, then you must ensure the political demand and steps for our collective return by Armenia.

A citizen of Artsakh wants to live in Artsakh in a safe and dignified way, and it is not necessary to put this opportunity under additional pressure.

We must be very careful not to promote additional negative sentiments towards the people of Artsakh, in order to avoid from  baseless and artificial generalizations."