Representatives of Artsakh refugees are getting ready  for the UN forum to be held in Geneva on December 12.

  • by Western Armenia, December 11, 2023 in Politics

Journalist Margarita Karamyan raises the question; who is encouraging the actions of Azerbaijan.How to explain  this that a  terrorist leader maneges "deceive" even the  superpower States like Russia, the USA, and the European Union? And how they can agree in a silence with Aliev s obvious genocidal policy.Does it really concern the economic interests of external players, and is Azerbaijan really such an important economic factor for  that states to build their policies on international conventions, human rights, the rule of law and democratic values, and grossly violate these principles.Karamyan also  adds  that Azerbaijan skilfully submits all its vile, sometimes inhuman actions to the so-called "international norms and laws", which Eastern Armenia did not do and is not doing.

skillfully executes actions

inhuman actions skillfully 

exposes to so called“international norms and laws ”

actions that Armenia has never executed.

The Refugees Factor

Since 1988 Baku, together with Soviet and now with Russian troops  forcibly evicts Armenians from its territory.This  means  that a better trump card for Armenia on the international platform.can never be.But it is paradoxal as well that Eastern Armenian Authorities Throughout the period of independence, the authorities of Armenia not only did everything to prevent the presence of refugees in the country from becoming part of the national strategy, but also created all the conditions for as many refugees as possible to accept the citizenship of Eastern Armenia and either leave the country or assimilate and become equal to Eastern Armenia; ordinary citizens without special privileges.On December 12, the International Forum of Refugees will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, in which the delegation of Eastern Armenia will also participate.According to our information, representatives of Artsakh non-governmentalnon-governmentalorganizations will also be part of the delegation.