Ronan Le Glyo, a Member of the Committee on Foreign Relations, Defense and Armed Forces of the French Senate, Visited Tsitsernakaberd.

  • by Western Armenia, May 03, 2024 in Politics

The delegation headed by Ronan Le Gleut a member of the French Senate, a member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Defense and Armed Forces, accompanied by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France to Eastern Armenia, Olivier Decotigny, visited the memorial of the Armenian Genocide.

This is mentioned in the press  of the "Museum-Institute of the Genocide Against Armenians" Foundation.

According to the source, the guests were welcomed at the Tsitsernakaberd memorial complex by Lusine Abrahamyan, the deputy director of the Museum-Institute of the Genocide against Armenians.

He escorted the guests to:

 Memorial to the Armenian Genocide, presenting the history of the creation of the memorial. The deputy director also referred to the stories of the three khachkars erected in the memory of the Armenians who died in the massacres organized by the Azerbaijani government in Sumgait, Gandzak, Baku in Baku at the end of the last century and the stories of the five freedom fighters buried in front of Hushapat during the Artsakh war, emphasizing the connection between what happened and the genocide against Armenians. between

Mr. Ronan Le Glio laid a wreath at the monument commemorating the victims of the Genocide against the Armenians, then the guests placed flowers near the eternal fire, paying a minute's silence to honor the memory of the innocent victims of the Genocide against the Armenians.

The members of the French delegation also toured the Genocide Museum against the Armenians, accompanied by Hasmik Martirosyan, senior tour guide of HCTI, got acquainted with the permanent exhibition "Pro Armenia. For you, Armenia" at the temporary exhibitions, after which the head of the delegation, Mr. Ronan Le Glio, made a note in the memorial book of the honored guests.

Expressing gratitude for the visit, Hasmik Martirosyan presented books about the genocide against Armenians to the guest of honor.