Russia has always Perceived the Genocide against the Armenians as its Own Pain and Misfortune: Zakharova

  • by Western Armenia, April 27, 2024 in Politics

Russia has always perceived the genocide committed against the Armenians as its own pain and misfortune, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said during the weekly briefing.

"April 24 is another anniversary of the victims of the genocide against the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. This sad date has a huge historical, spiritual, moral and political significance for the friendly people of our ally Armenia and the multi-million Armenian diaspora in Russia.

We have always perceived this tragedy as our own pain and misfortune," said Zakharova.

According to him, Moscow was one of the first to announce the official recognition of the genocide. Yesterday, commemorative events were held in many cities of Russia.