Say “NO”  to Azerbaijan, And  to “Hostage Diplomacy” of Azerbaijan. Senator Edward Markey

  • by Western Armenia, June 12, 2024 in Politics

Senator Edward Markey from the US state of Massachusetts called on the United States and the international community to take all possible measures, including the holding of the upcoming UN climate conference this year, to ensure the release of Armenian hostages and prisoners illegally arrested by the Aliyev regime.

The senator noted that Baku regularly uses "hostage diplomacy" by prolonging illegal detentions.

He is using prisoners of war as bargaining chips to impose his demands on Eastern Armenia, which is a clear violation of international law.

“Baku says that they  wants peace, but what it is actually doing is acting with impunity”, emphasized the senator emphasized.

Therefore, it is for this very reason that the Congress should speak out and say "no" to azerbaijan, and  "no" to "hostage diplomacy".