State TV and Radio Channels in Uruguay will Cover This Topic.

  • by Western Armenia, June 05, 2024 in Politics

The House of Representatives of Uruguay unanimously, with 74 votes in favor of the 74 deputies present at the session, adopted the draft law declaring April 24 as the "Day of Remembrance of the Genocide against the Armenians" and the state TV and radio channels undertake to address this topic simultaneously on April 24 every year from now on.

We learn about this from the "Facebook" of the Embassy of Eastern Armenia in Uruguay.

The MPs highlighted the importance of the adoption of the law in terms of condemning crimes against humanity, thus preventing their recurrence and rejecting denial.

It was noted that Baku carried out the forced deportation of 120,000 Armenians from Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) last year with impunity, and continues the cultural genocide even today.

The MPs also emphasized that it is a matter of pride for them that Uruguay was the first to recognize the genocide committed against Armenians, and now it is becoming the first country in the world to legally oblige the state TV and radio channels to address the topic simultaneously on April 24 every year.