Taking the Alma-Ata Declaration as the Basis for the Borderline  is Criminally Punishable. Vahagn Melikyan

  • by Western Armenia, May 13, 2024 in Politics

"Accepting the declaration of Alma-Ata exclusively as a basis for the borderline is illegal and criminally punishable."

  a member of the "All-Armenian Council of Diplomats", former Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry of Eastern Armenia, Vahagn Melikyan made such a statement at the rally of the "Tavush for the Motherland" movement in Yerevan's Republic Square.

Melikyan presented the text developed by the "All-Armenian Council of Diplomats" group of former diplomats.

"The process started in Tavush Region, the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia, should be described without reservations as an illegal process of demarcation and demarcation under the threat of force or a continuation of capitulation under conditions of apparent peace.The best proof of this is Ilham Aliyev's statement that the Azerbaijani side is getting territories without firing a single shot on the terms dictated by them.

Based on the principle of nationalities, Western Armenia does not recognize the existing Soviet administrative border, regardless of the various pogroms and ethnic cleansing carried out by Baku.