The 508-year-old  Saint Sargis Armenian Church will be Restored

  • by Western Armenia, July 01, 2024 in Politics

Armenian Church Saint Sargis  will be restored which is located in Ali Pasha district of Suri district of Tigranakert (Diyarbekir) province in the eastern part of Western Armenia.This is reported by ermenihaber.

The Armenian Patriarchate of Istanbul has started the restoration works of the 508-year-old church.

For this purpose, the Ministry of Culture of Turkey allocated only 5 million liras, despite the fact that according to calculations, another 2 million dollars are needed for the restoration.

It should be noted that the church was used as a vocational school during the Ottoman Empire.

After the genocide committed against the Armenians in 1915, the church was not used for religious or other purposes and is now in a state of ruin.