The Artsakh Initiative Condemns the Housing Program

  • by Western Armenia, May 21, 2024 in Politics

The Initiative for Ensuring the Needs of the People of Artsakh, which is composed of dozens of non-governmental organizations in Artsakh, condemns the plan of the government of Eastern Armenia to provide housing needs of the people of Artsakh.

"Despite the proposals presented by us several times, the main part of which was reflected in the statement adopted at the March 20 initiative rally, the mentioned decision of the RA government does not take into account either the strategic goal of the collective return of the Artsakh people, or the need for communal settlement, or nor a number of other fundamental principles and conditions.

Moreover, the adopted approach is not able to fully meet even the individual and family housing needs of the majority of forcibly displaced persons. Therefore, it will greatly promote the further emigration of the people of Artsakh from  Armenia Homeland  and the deepening of the level of poverty," said  the statement.

The initiative notes that the decision was made in conditions of almost zero inclusiveness, no public hearings and public inquiries were organized on the topic.

"The authorities of Eastern Armenia have ignored the continuous and constructive proposals and requests of the Artsakh People's Needs Initiative to get involved in the development of the project and ensure proper public discussions on this important project. In addition to many verbal appeals, the Initiative also addressed to the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of RA in writing on this matter, but faced complete neglect and rejection.