The  Attitude of EU Observation Mission. Suren Petrosyan

  • by Western Armenia, April 09, 2024 in Politics

EU observers consider the Ijevan-Voskepar road to be Azerbaijani and questionable." Suren Petrosyan, who is currently in Voskepar, said this in a video published on his Facebook page.

"A little while ago, the EU observation mission visited Voskepar, and when a discussion was held with the residents of the village, it suddenly became clear that the observation mission, instead of 30 km to reach Voskepar from Ijevan, takes about 200 km every time.

To my question, what is the reason for such a long journey, they said that they are acting within the framework of clear regulations, and they do not want to provoke Baku in any way, because they consider these territories to be Baku and are still disputed territories, that's why they in order to avoid that provocation, they come from Ijevan to Voskepar via   Vanadzor," he said.

Suren Petrosyan noted that, by operating the EU observation mission in the sovereign territory of Eastern Armenia, it actually calls into question the territorial integrity, without any process of delimitation, demarcation: "It calls into question the sovereign territory of Armenia and is guided by Azeri maps.

Naturally, this process could not take place without the government's consent.Be it an international organization, be it an observation mission, be it the RA government, no one can negotiate the sovereign territory of RA, our homeland, our land, we must all be convinced of this, but we need the unity of all of us on this issue," he said. he