The Baku government intentionally exposes 120,000 inhabitants of Artsakh to real terror: Arman Tatoyan

  • by Western Armenia, July 11, 2023 in Politics

We present the message of Arman Tatoyan, Director of the Center for Law and Justice "Tatoyan" Foundation, former Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia.

The Baku government's aim is to forcibly expel the indigenous people of Artsakh, the Armenians, from their homeland and subject them to ethnic cleansing. Since December 12 of the previous year, the humanitarian catastrophe has taken the form of a total blockade. This is the 210th day that the Armenians of Artsakh have been cut off from the world. Baku has completely cut off Armenia's electricity supply since January 9, and it has not been restored to date. Since March 21, Baku has completely stopped the gas supply from Armenia to Artsakh, and before that it regularly stopped and restored it. Since June 15, all kinds of humanitarian supplies (food, fuel, medicines, hygiene articles, etc.) to Artsakh have been stopped.

Since June 25, the International Committee of the Red Cross has only been supplying medicines, and this too under strict restrictions. On the afternoon of July 8, reports emerged that gas supplies to Artsakh had been restored, but from the afternoon of July 9, gas supplies were again interrupted. Moreover, all these policies are made with the intention of spreading uncertainty and anxiety among the people. Residents are unable to fill their cars with fuel, even for minimal vital needs - transporting people to hospital, food and other necessities. Bread factories can't even function.

In this way, the Baku government is deliberately exposing the 120,000 inhabitants of Artsakh to real terror, creating a state of uncertainty, anxiety for life and health, and despair with complete isolation. This is a natural manifestation of the Baku government's criminal policy of hatred and hostility towards Armenians, measures that stem from their true intentions.