The barbaric regime of Baku in the hybrid war against Armenia draws attention to the “problem” of toponyms. Vardan Voskanyan

  • by Western Armenia, June 09, 2023 in Politics

"There can be no doubt that the Baku barbarian regime pays serious attention to the "problem" of toponyms in its hybrid war against Armenia," writes Iranian expert Vardan Voskanyan.

This "toponymic war" is aimed at questioning the historical and political legitimacy of the sovereign disposition of our state and nation, without exception, of the entire territory of our motherland, thus preparing the ground for the "justification" of barbaric expansionism against Armenia under the cover of an absolutely unknown and fictitious "Western Azerbaijan".

One of the most vivid examples, in the attached screenshot below, is the reference of one of the Baku agitprop resources to one of my posts in the social network Facebook.

Presenting the content of this post in translation, all toponyms of the sovereign territory of Armenia mentioned by me are distorted without exception, right up to the fact that Yeraskh became some barbarian "Arazdayan", Zangakatun became some "Chanakhchi" and so on.

This clearly proves that the Baku barbarian regime gave a direct order to all the units of its agitprop to act in concert on the front of the anti-Armenian "toponymic war", so once again: we need to discard illusions and strike disproportionate blows to the enemy.

The government of Western Armenia, referring to the record of the Iranianist Mr. Vardan Voskanyan, reminds us that the Baku authorities insolently continue to implement the theses they have voiced, renaming Armenian toponyms with the toponyms indicated on Soviet maps, trying to prove that the territories belong to the Baku authorities.

Baku is following Ankara's example.

We think that the fight should be conducted both in the information and political fields, as it is done in Western Armenia.

From the UN and other platforms, we will not stop repeating about the indigenous peoples and violations of their rights.

Toponyms are one of the points determining the biological age, culture and genetics of a nation living in the given territory.

We hope that from now on our respected colleagues - scientists will concentrate on a deeper illumination and substantiation of these problems, and we will gladly use their scientific substantiations