The book “Forbidden Homeland” was Presented at the Armenian Seminary of Pasadena

  • by Western Armenia, May 13, 2024 in Politics

On April 16, pharmacist and author of the book “Forbidden Homeland”, Story of a Diasporan, Katia Garakeozian presented her book and her family's story of survival to the students of the Armenian Seminary of Pleur School in Pasadena.

The meeting in the school library started with the presentation of interesting episodes related to book authorship and printing. Garakeozea explained how unexpected encounters and intersections during the university years led him to search for the  family's historical and geographical roots and then embark on his first book of authorship.

The book Forbidden Homeland is both historical and memorial. In it, several cities of Western Armenia, prominent and authoritative persons, schools, orphanages, as well as Aleppo and Beirut, as hospitable colonies, are remembered in detail. The illustrated book presents to the reader the adventurous and vivid history of the Lebanese Armenians of that period, in the fluent language of an eyewitness.

The author also explained to the students how important it is to compile a family tree, then to be familiar with the places of residence of ancestors, to collect and read family letters, postcards, to save photos, as well as to listen to and record oral histories from the elders of the family, to conduct research on the past of the Armenian nation and family.

The guest author, through the exhibition of photographs and his warm, direct style of speaking, told the students the episodes remembered in the book, awakening in the youth the desire to search, discover and record family stories.

The meeting  finished with question-answers and writing of examples from the book.