The Book of  Ara Gyuler,  an Armenian from Constantinople,  Was Included in the List of “Children’s Friendly” Books in Turkey

  • by Western Armenia, June 19, 2024 in Politics

The Ministry of Family and Social Services  of Turkey has identified 1,740 books as "children's friendly".

The list of those books includes Ara Guler, a famous Armenian from Constantinople. A good photographer can take pictures even with a sewing machine.

The list also includes the books "Pollyanna", "Charlie and the Factory of Chocolate", "Who was Muhammad Ali", "Leonardo da Vinci and his super brain".

It is noted that the special committee created to promote children's development studied the printed works available on the market and singled out the most useful books.

The commission is made up of psychologists, child development specialists, sociologists, teachers and social workers.