The Border Pillar was Installed on the Eve of the Genocide Anniversary

  • by Western Armenia, April 24, 2024 in Politics

Journalist Naira Hayrumyan writes in her article that the authorities of Eastern Armenia posted a photo on the Internet on April 23, illegally installed pillar on the boarder  on the "border" on the Internet on April 23, on the eve of the 109th anniversary of the genocide against the Armenians.

Armenia cannot recognize the current border of Turkey with any other document. Naira Hayrumyan reminds that Moscow and Ankara in 1921 the agreements can neither be denounced /because Nakhichevan, Kars and Ararat will have to be returned to Armenia/ nor extended, because in that case Russia will have to recognize the occupation and colonization of Armenia.

Russia cannot sign or extend an agreement on the territory of independent Armenia, that's why the cheapest option was chosen. Armenia recognizes him within the borders of the Soviet Republic and signs an agreement with Turkey.

"Today, Aliyev announced that Armenia agreed not to include the issue of Artsakh in the "peace treaty". However, he does not mention another important issue: Nakhichevan. Aliyev also announced that he agreed to the meeting of the foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan in Kazakhstan.

Eastern Armenia does not mention the documents that are the basis of Armenia's borders, does not demand to find out whether the Treaty of Sevres, 1920, is in force. Russian-Turkish agreements, 1989. the December 1 decision on the unification of Armenia and Artsakh, the mandate of the Minsk Group, the requirement stipulated in RA law not to recognize Artsakh as part of Baku.

Or is it possible to implement the plan to eliminate Armenia only with the Almaty declaration?

Placing the first pillar on the illegal border of Armenia on April 23 is another milestone in the dissolution of Armenia. Kazakhstan will be placed next, in the Artik."