The British MP Compared the Ethnic Cleansing in Artsakh that Carried out by Baku with the Genocide against Armenians.

  • by Western Armenia, March 21, 2024 in Politics

The subject  of "International support to the refugees of Artsakh" was discussed in the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

During the discussion, Member of  Parliament  Carol Monagan noted in her speech that the recent military operations between Armenia and Baku show that the conflict has never ended. Although they have recently negotiated a peace accord, tensions remain high, and if there is peace, it is certainly fragile. "

"Last year, some of us spoke in the Westminster Hall about the blockade of the Berdzor corridor, the main supply route from Armenia to Artsakh.

At the time, several honorable members highlighted the possibility of famine and humanitarian disaster. The alleged Russian peacekeepers were at best observers, and at worst actively supporting the ongoing persecution of the local Armenian population," Monagan said.

He regretfully noted that the result that most feared came true in September of last year, when the Baku military deported the Armenian population after a nine-month siege.

"For many, this ethnic cleansing of the people is reminiscent of the 1915-1923 genocide committed by the Turks against the Armenians. It is noteworthy that about 34 countries, including the USA, Canada and France, have recognized the historical genocide committed against Armenians.

The UK has failed to do so. By denying official recognition of the historic crime, the UK government continues to delegitimize the collective pain suffered by the Armenian community," Monaghan said.