The Chamber of Deputies of Chile announced April 24 as the National Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Armenian Genocide

  • by Western Armenia, April 25, 2024 in Politics

The Chamber of Deputies of Chile has approved the project to declare April 24 of each year as a national day of remembrance for the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

This is reported by DiarioArmenia, noting that the resolution was presented by MP Christian Araya, the chairman of the Chile-Armenia parliamentary friendship group, who met with Hakob Tabakyan and Aram Muratyan, representatives of the Armenian National Council of South America, in March

"On a day like today, 109 years ago, the extermination of the Armenian Christian people began. More than one and a half million people were systematically killed because of their ethnicity and religion.

The leaders of the time deliberately ignored it and hid it under the veil of unjust indifference, which persists to this day, but which we face from a distant country like ours, humbly, but firmly and energetically, raising our voice in the face of such injustice, officially recognizing the Armenian martyrs. Araya announced during the session.

In his speech, Christian Araya also referred to the events that took place in Artsakh, emphasizing: "At a time when the Armenian people are again subjected to an unjust attack, when Artsakh is invaded and its citizens are forced to leave their homes, when the powers and international organizations look away indifferently, I cannot but be proud that the Chilean parliament has foresight. and a comprehensive approach to raise one's voice in the face of the genocide that Armenians were subjected to."

On June 5, 2007, the Chilean Senate approved a resolution expressing solidarity with the Armenian nation, condemning the Armenian Genocide and asking the Chilean government to "stay true to what was agreed upon by the United Nations in 1985.