The desire to find out the names of 1.2 million is a denial move

  • by Western Armenia, April 18, 2024 in Politics

Recently, there rumors were spreading in Eastern Armenia that are at least worrying. In particular, some "politicians" have questioned the fact of the genocide against Armenians.

Western Armenia TV  reminds that the genocide committed against Armenians is the first genocide of the 20th century, which was carried out in several stages and in total, as a result of it, about 2 million people died, and if we add to this number the massacres that started in the 1890s and. The number of Armenians killed as a result of pogroms organized after the establishment of the "Republic of Turkey", the total number of victims will exceed 2 million (Dersim massacre in 1937).

The genocide against Armenian Nation has been recognized and condemned by many countries of the world, but the successor of the genocidal state, the Ottoman Empire, Turkey, refuses to recognize it, apologize and compensate the damages of  Armenian people.

One of the preconditions presented by the turkish government in the process of regulating Armenian-Turkish relations was the refusal of the process of international recognition of the genocide committed against the Armenians.

Since 1998, this process has been included among the priorities of Eastern Armenia's foreign policy, which has earned the strong displeasure of the official Ankara, and the latter is fighting against it in every possible way.

During these years, the Turkish denialist policy has developed a number of propaganda theses, which, are spreading among the international community, tries to categorically deny the genocide.

One of them is that in fact, during the First World War, it was not a genocide against Armenians, but a displacement of the population from the most dangerous regions of the Ottoman Empire, as a result of which some Armenians also died, but their number is less than 1.5 million.

It is clear, isn't it, what is happening? At this moment in the political arenas of Eastern Armenia. It reminds us of the commission of historians proposed by Turkey, which was supposed to re-examine the history in order to decide, in 1915. Can the incidents be considered genocide or not?

This approach is completely unacceptable, the fact of genocide is a reality, historians have worked, and 30 countries have recognized it, that's it. What is the point of counting and finding out the names of 1.5 million victims?

Thus, we can state that identifying all the victims of the  genocide by name is an extremely difficult process, which, in fact, cannot be carried out, especially when we are dealing with a country like Turkey, which categorically denies the fact of the Genocide. .

Moreover, even in the case of the Holocaust, which killed about 6 million people, only a fraction of them have been identified so far, although Germany's recognition and apology for its own crime, as well as the other European countries with which it supported the genocide of the Jews, contributed to its discovery.

In this context, some sections of the public are convinced that this will be the first step by Eastern Armenia to officially abandon the process of international recognition and claim of the genocide committed against the  Armenians, and the most pessimistic tend to claim that in this way the authorities of Eastern Armenia are preparing the ground for the existence of tribalism against ordinary Armenians.