The displaced Armenians from Artsakh should be provided by a safe and dignified return. Miyatovich-Politics.

  • by Western Armenia, January 12, 2024 in Politics

The authorities of Baku and Yerevan should focus on the protection of human rights in the peace negotiation process and establish strict guarantees for the protection of human rights for everyone injured by the conflict.

This was announced by the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, Dunja Mijatović, publishing his observations on the results of his visit to Armenia and Azerbaijan, including Artsakh, on October 16-23, 2023.

The report states that it was the first time in recent decades that a human rights mission of this nature was able to visit Artsakh. It is noted that the reason for the visit was the massive deportation of more than 100,000 Armenians  Arcakh from  in just a few days at the end of September.

"The displacement was followed Baku's military operations on September 19 and 20, Baku's subsequent full control of the region, and prolonged disruptions to the movement of people and access to essential goods, services and energy faced by Karabakh Armenians following Baku's nine-month blockade of the road along the Berdzor Corridor. as a result.

In Armenia, the commissioner talked with Armenians from Arcakh who left Artsakh and were in shelters provided by the authorities.

After the departure of the population from Stepanakert, the commissioner were witnesses of  empty streets, abandoned areas and the almost complete absence of the presence of civilians.

Based on what he heard and saw in Arcakh the commissioner concluded that at the end of September 2023, the Armenians of Artsakh left their homes without any reliable guarantees of safety or protection from any side , and they had  to  leave  their homes as it  was the only available and reasonable option for them," the report states. .

Welcoming the efforts of the Armenian authorities to provide first aid to  the needy people from the Karabakh region, the commissioner emphasized that an  immediate support is necessary to be executed     

for Armenians of Arcakh  who fled to Armenia and

in particular, for vulnerable groups, in the short, medium and long term

"The State  Members of Council of Europe 

should continue to pay special attention to the provision of financial support to ensure  the humanitarian needs of displaced persons and their host populations " added the commissioner.

The commissioner stated

that the Armenians  of Arcakh displaced to Armenia should be given the opportunity to return to Artsakh safely and with dignity,including particularly  their citizenship and legal status even if this seems hypothetical to everybody at the moment.

"   Ways must be found, for the return  including the establishment of  security guarantees, so that  Armenians of Arcakh can temporarily enter their homes or places of habitual residence and visit cemeteries where their relatives are buried.

The few ethnic Armenians who remained in the Artsakh region should also take advantage of all means of human rights protection, including ensuring their free movement,"says in the report.

The commissioner expressed hope that all internally displaced persons who wish will be able to return as soon as possible in safety and dignity.

In general, the commissioner underlined  that all persons displaced by the protracted conflict have the right to return voluntarily to their homes or places of residence with safety and dignity.

  The violations

 international humanitarian law and serious human rights’ violations in connection with the conflict must be effectively and promptly investigated, be punished if found guilt  after a fair.

It includes the claims regarding the blockade of the Berdzor corridor, the mass movement  Armenians of Arcakh  and the circumstances of military operation in September 19-20,”said the commissioner.

The report also states that a comprehensive approach should be taken to the solution of the serious violations of human rights that occurred in the context of the Artsakh conflict.

Other human rights issues addressed by the Commissioner's speech include the need to protect people from landmines and explosive remnants of war, the situation of persons arrested as a result of the conflict, including the conditions of their detention and the level of contact with their families, the importance of  the fate of the missing persons  in the region and providing     answers to their families.