The famous journalist had made a pro-Armenian post

  • by Western Armenia, January 16, 2024 in Politics

Shahin Rzaev, a well-known journalist who was arrested in Baku, made a remarkable post a few days ago regarding Baku leader Aliyev's claims regarding the opening of the "Zangezur Corridor", essentially putting forward a pro-Armenian thesis.

Mentioning Aliyev's opinion at the meeting with journalists, Rzayev responded that "citizens traveling from Azerbaijan to Azerbaijan, cargo and vehicles should pass freely without any inspection and customs administration".

"I wonder if it's the same way on the territory of Iran, I'm sure not." The Azerbaijani journalist is referring to the customs and passport control carried out by the Iranian side on Azerbaijani citizens, Azerbaijani goods and vehicles traveling through the territory of Iran to Nakhichevan.

The journalist's remark was criticized by Azerbaijani "patriot" users. Some mentioned  that "Armenia is not Iran and it is wrong to compare", others accused him in  voicing pro-Armenian theses.

Some time ago, Rzaev was criticized for mocking one of the photos created by artificial intelligence about the "occupation" of Yerevan, which was actively spreading on social networks.

The authorities of Azerbaijan, which do not hide their aggressive ambitions towards the territories of Armenia, and build the entire logic of negotiations with Armenia within the framework of the "corridor" terminology, slowly follow the moods that are forming inside the country, and neutralize those who oppose the false theses put forward.

Shahin Rzaev, despite his oppositional views, has avoided directly criticizing the authorities in recent years, but despite his understated criticism, he also appeared  in prison.

It should be noted that in response to the statements of official Baku and Ankara about the opening of the "Zangezur Corridor", Yerevan always noted  that "there is no corridor ..logic.. in the negotiations.